quality leads

Lead Generation

A Safe Way to Boost Your Bookings Without Advertisements

Are you running a local business? Let us fill up your email and keep your phone busy with clients itching to use your service.

quality leads

What Is Lead Gen?

How It Works

1. We create your own landing page

It's like your business's own little spot on the internet. We jazz it up and let people know why you're the best choice.

2. We send messages straight to your inbox

When someone visits this landing page and decides they need your service, we quickly shoot their call or email your way. You'll know it's sent by us!

3. You pay us after you've closed a sale

After the customer pays you and the service is done, we get a little bit of money as a thank you. You only pay us when you get successful leads.

Why Clients Love Our Leads

Howdy, I'm Chris.

In 2018, I waved goodbye to being a dating coach and welcomed a new adventure - LeadGen Baby!

Since then, I've become the go-to-guy for many local businesses, handing them awesome leads and helping their profits soar.

Our specific way of doing things outshines the usual methods like Google Adwords, SEO, or social media adverts.

Come check us out, and you'll see why local businesses are thrilled with our top-tier lead generation services.

We Help You Dominate Your Local Area!

Do you operate a business from home? Or are you done with your routine job and want to profit from your hobby? We can flood your planner with bookings in just a single month!

What else do we offer?

More Ways We Help


A cool website is great, but it needs to be found. Our SEO helps local folks find you easily. So, when they need your service, they choose you, not your competitors.

Google Business Profile

All local businesses must have a checked and fine-tuned Google Business Listing. Research shows most folks hunting for a service only peek at Google Business Listings and don't bother scrolling down.


Web Design

For your business to look genuine and reliable, a website is a must-have. We can craft a user-friendly site that pops up quickly on Google searches. It will stand out, making it unlike any other.

Is LeadGen Baby For You?


We craft an exclusive landing page tailored just for your business - separate from your regular website. This page is like a magnet for locals, transforming them into potential customers. The catch? You only pay us a commission when these visitors book your service through this unique platform. It's a win-win!

You're only asked to pay when bookings turn into real business. There's no charge for each call or email - successful outcomes are all that count.

Our magic works best for local businesses in big cities or states with many people (like 100,000 or more). Sadly, we can't help businesses that work all over the world, affiliate websites, or online shops.

The time it takes to see results can differ, based on how much competition is in your field and city. But most often, positive changes occur in as short as a month.

We require a one-time set-up fee of $350 to initiate our lead generation services, to get your landing page built and underway, and bringing quality enquiries to your business.

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